The last in the Oviraptor Trilogy. Acrylics and inks on carboard.

Pecking Order
This painting is the culmination of the Oviraptor Saga. A family snapshot from Mongolia, Cretaceous period, 75 million years ago. After surviving storms, landslides and predators, from the many eggs layered by this Oviraptor only a few hatched and the survival is still not guaranteed. Just as in modern birds, some chicks managed to be fed well while others starved and died. The helpless chicks would remain in the nest for protection (but not for long, since they are growing really fast) while a protective mother (or father) Oviraptor brings food, and regurgitates it half-digested. Soon it will bring non-regurgitated food for the offspring to play with (like remains of Velociraptor hatchlings) from a closer nesting site.  


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