“Dinosaur Encyclopaedia” by Thom Holtz. “Dinosaur Encyclopaedia” by Thom Holtz.
Another popular book with the exciting, pristine clear text of Dr Holtz.

It has been my lifelong ambition to collaborate with the top paleontologists to help convey their message and visualise their ideas, and this must be my most ambitious work to date. To illustrate Dr. Holtz’s expert text is becoming a real challenge. His work on cladistics for this book may become a definitive source. The book is going to be extensive with more that three hundred pages and more than thirty chapters of extensive information and some star guest contributors of specialised articles including Darren Naish and others. We will try to get as many new dinosaurs restored as time and space allows. Nigersaurus, the extraordinary ‘vacuum cleaner’ sauropod opening the proceedings!

The cover is just a fragment of a massive poster that will adorn the centre pages… a herd of sauropod-sized hadrosaurs and ceratopsians is attacked by a family of daspletosaurs… a tribute to some of the incredible stuff being discovered in the north of Mexico (Coahuila). This will also be published by Random House.

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