SAMPLER FROM "A FIELD GUIDE TO DINOSAURS. The essential Handbook for travelers in the Mesozoic".
(Barron's) By Henry Gee and Luis V. Rey.

This long awaited excercise in rigorous dinosaurian imagination excess is finally out now. The book is a fruitful collaboration that took well over a year in the making. We point out in the introduction that this can't be taken as a 'science text' and it is indeed a mixture of purely imagined scenarios and hard science. It was released just before the release of the famous 'four winged' Microraptor gui, so I could only speculate about the length of those ankle feathers (that turned out to be longer than anyone could foresee). but still, we managed to include "Dave", the juvenile sinornithosaur featured in this website, and many more. I have still tried to keep my restorations abreast of the latest developments (including many of my older illustrations revamped and actualized) and did more than three hundred B&W sketches (only half of which are included in the book!). So look forward to the next one... it will include that missing Stegosaurus sex scene! -- Luis Rey

Cryolophosaurus & Massospondylus
1) Cryolophosaurus & Massospondylus. 


2) Muttaburrasaurus. 


3) Ouranosaurus. 


4) Plateosaurus. 


5) Psittac. 
6) Yangchuanosaurus. 

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