Deinocheirus mirificus.

(E Dinosaurs)Deinocheirus mirificus.
Acrylics and inks on Cardboard.
From the "Monsters" collection, Sweden.
Deinocheirus is probably the most enigmatic of all the giant dinosaurs. Known only for the massive arms (2 meters in length), it has remained the elusive prize find for any researcher digging in Mongolia (the arms were originally found by Zofia Kieland-Jaworoska in the 1965 Polish-Mongolian expedition at the upper Nemengt Beds of the Gobi Desert). It's position in the cladogram remains uncertain, but the similarity of the hands with the ostrich-mimic ornithomimosaurs points towards a rather close relationship with these animals, albeit three or four times the size of the biggest known Gallimimus!
In this reconstruction I extrapolated the proportions of an ornithomimid to a its giant consequences resulting in an animal somewhat similar to the therizinosaurs in bulk and shape. The claws are different in that they are thick and recurved, not long and blade-like like Therizinosaurus. Perhaps Deinocheirus was an omnivore that used them for digging termite mounds or grasping foliage branches. Obviously, the claws were a perfect weapon against any attack of any kind of predator.
This two paintings are radical, extreme view points of a largely unknown animal and try to emphasise the extraordinary length of the arms.
Deinocheirus mirificus Deinocheirus mirificus


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