Carnotaurus Sex!

Carnotaurus Sex! And now for the steamy consequence of so much display, pushing and shoving... a big female has selected this raunchy male to mate and they do it noisily startling a flock of indeterminate South American pterosaurs. I have depicted hypothetical dimorphism in Carnotaurus. the female slightly bigger and more powerful, with blunt horns. The male slightly smaller but with sharp, more damaging and imposing horns. Nobody knows how dinosaurs had sex. But males probably had similar penises to crocodiles as hypothesized by the sexual dimorphism in Tyrannosaurus rex, where gracile specimens with an extra tail chevron seem to indicate that these were males (the extra chevron serving to attach the penis muscles, just as in crocodiles). If this is correct, then by the fossil skeletons it must be assumed that females of T. rex were invariably bigger than the males.

Sex for the big sized dinosaurs must have been a rather strenuous task!  

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