Acrylics and inks on Canvas.
The second painting based in Bakker's Raptor Saga depicts the surviving strategies in front of cataclysmic contingency. The Flood chapter in the novel is dedicated to following the Raptor Red family right to the top of the last surviving trees in their struggle against a ravaging flood. Many dinosaur corpses float on the turbulent muddy waters.THE 1000 YEAR FLOOD The survivors have face-to-face encounters with species that are usually rivals or simply never meet. That is the case here, where Raptor Red finds itself face to face with another kind of Utahraptor: the yellow snout variety.
In this precarious situation, an oversized animal like Utahraptor makes the branches break and the chicks cling desperately to the mother while all get involved in some snarling and threatening behaviour to each other.
There has been a lot of speculation about the possible climbing or arboreal abilities of the raptorial family. Here they are forcefully put to the test, and this anatomical reconstruction shows how the claws and wing-like forelimbs can be put to use in a situation like this, while the feet sickle-claws act as mountaineer hooks once again... this time as a true survivor's kit.


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